This is a market operated by JA North Hiroshima

We deliver fresh vegetables directly from local farmers every day.
Area : 1,261.38m2
Management : North Hiroshima Agricultural Cooperative

Local souvenir section

JA's fishmonger

Butcher's shop Takeda

Flower arrangement section

Prefectural rice section

Seed and seedling section

JA's rice cake shop

Equipment section

Domestic production only Good item low price Local production for local consumption
Our produce is limited to 100% domestic production. See the label of origin.
- Local vegetables in the suburbs of Akitakata City --- Fresh daily, straight from the farm!
- Hiroshima-grown vegetables --- We promote local production for local consumption in Hiroshima.
- Domestically produced vegetables --- We bring you the charm of the season from all over Japan.
Food section
Farmers' market, JA's fishmonger, JA's rice cake shop,
Meat shop Takeda, ice-cream shop Hitohakan
Open every day ( Closed: Dec. 31 to Jan. 4 )
Notes: Closed days and hours of operation differ for each booth.

Ice-cream shop Hitohakan
Very popular, new texture ice cream from the local area
It is based on the milk flavored milk flavored with Sunaya milk from Hiroshima and is made from "ancient rice (black rice)".
Snap! You'll love the texture.
We do not use any eggs.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "Excellence Award" for Delivering Bliss.