Introducing attractive and seasonal information about Akitakata City.
We provide tourist information, road information and various information about the region.
Anyone can use the rest area, and local souvenirs and original goods are available.
Area : 550.55m2 Operated by: Aki Takata Tourism Association

Service Guide

Tourist Information
Drinks booth
Rest area
Souvenirs and Goods
Children's area
Free Wi-Fi
Public telephone

Many local souvenirs and goods
- Original roadside station goods
- Warlord Motonari Mouri goods
- Motonari-kun Goods
- Kagura (traditional dance) goods
- Character goods of 'Takatan'
- Sanfrecce Hiroshima goods
- Shiawasemasu(Happy) Goods ( Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a sister city )
- Hitoha social welfare association 'Platform number 3' goods

Motonari Mouri Trick Art Photo Stage (free of charge)
Trick art recreates a scene from an episode of Motonari Mori's "Sanshi no Oshie".
Just by taking a picture in the picture, you can create a 3D photo of yourself.

A children's area with wooden toys and picture books.

Drinks booth

・Yuzuko Kawane citrus squash JPY 400
・Yuzuko Kawanecitrus juice JPY 400
・Yuzuko Kawanecitrus tea ( Hot ) JPY 300
・Coffee ( Hot・Cold ) JPY 250円
( All prices include tax.)

Monnari Trick Art Shooting Stage
Children play area
Children play area
Multipurpose room